Ginger's Gear

Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker plays a Drum Workshop kit with Zildjian cymbals.


Ginger's current kit


From 1966 to 1968, Ginger played a Ludwig Silver Sparkle:



Snare: 1940's 6.5" x 14" black finished Leedy Broadway, wood
Fittings: Rogers, some Ludwigs, some customised

Snare tuned high, toms and bass tuned low.


Ginger gave his silver sparkle kit to a roadie. Lucky roadie!


In May 1968 Ginger purchased a new Ludwig kit:


Ginger Baker's Silver Sparkel kit



In 1963 Ginger purchased his first Zildjian cymbals - he still uses them today.


Ginger looks after his cymbals - the 22" rivet ride cymbal and the 14" hi-hats he currently uses are the same ones he used on the Cream tours in 1968!




What Ginger says ...

"So I made my first kit out of biscuit tins - a toy kit. Then I'd only been playing three months, but I got an audition with a trad band, quite a good one, actually - and told 'em I'd been playing three years. So I showed up with me tin drums - told 'em my regular drums were broken - and they were incredulous. But I got the gig."............"me Mum..lent me fifty quid and I bought a good drum kit. All calf skins in those days....used to down 'em with a teaspoon......" Speaking in 1987


"when I got home [from John Finch's party that he first sat on a kit at], I started looking for a drum kit straight away.....I told my Mum I wanted to buy a kit and she said, 'you haven't finished paying for your bloody bike yet!' [which had gone under a taxi in London] She didn't agree at all that this was a good idea; it was something quite insane to her.


However, I was pretty determined & managed to get hold of a toy drum kit for three quid (£3). It had only one head on the bass drum, so I cut up my tent to make another one & painted a design on it. The tom tom was very thin, so I got a biscuit tin and I made it deeper so it sounded a bit better. The tighteners were just on the top head with wing nuts, but I had a kit of sorts." (Hellraiser)


"I got offered a job with the Terry Lightfoot Jazzmen............I got Vic O'Brien to make me up an all-white matching drum kit to replace my previous one, which had been made up of bits & pieces." (Hellraiser)


How Ginger switched to DW...

"....did a gig at the Iridium in New York with djq2o. Ludwig wouldn't provide a kit...DW did...was so impressed with the drums they built me - my present kit."