Ginger Baker's Discography
Ginger Baker with Cream

Ginger Baker's Air Force

Ginger Baker's Air Force back cover

Ginger Baker Stratavarious

Ginger Baker Eleven Sides of Baker

Ginger Baker Horse & Trees

Ginger Baker Unseen Rain

Masters of Reality Sunrise on the Sufferbus

Ginger Baker Trio Going back home

Ginger Baker Coward of the County

Cream reunion 2005

Sound of 65

There's a Bond Between Us

Fresh Cream

Cream Disraeli Gears

Cream Wheels of Fire

Goodbye Cream

Blind Faith

Baker Gurvitz Army

Baker Gurvitz Army Still Alive

Baker Gurvitz Army Hearts on Fire

The Storyville Jazz Men and The Hugh Rainey Allstars

Graham Bond Organisation


Blind Faith

Ginger Baker's Air Force

Baker Gurvitz Army

The Ginger Baker Trio

Ginger Baker and the Denver Jazz Quartet